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Placements @ VITA
PG DAC Feb 17
95% and on-going!
PG DAC Aug 2016
100% placements
PG DAC Feb 2016
100% placements
PG DAC Aug 2015
100% placements
PG DAC Feb 2015
100% placements
PG DAC Aug 2014
100% placements
PG DAC Aug 2013
97% placements
PG DAC Aug 2012
99% placements

Soft Skills
Technical Faculty from Software Industry
Mock Interviews to prepare for Placements
Guest Lectures

Our Recruiters
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Initiatives @ VITA that help PG DAC Students outperform during placements!

Mock Interview:

Industry Professionals evaluate and give each PG DAC student feedback on his/her performance and also tips on where they can do better. The students overcome the initial fear of facing interviews and are able to showcase a better performance during placements
Mock Interviews in C & C++ by Ms. Shilpa Shetty of TCS .
Mock Interview in Oracle by Mr. Aman from Oracle Inc.
Mock Interview in Java by Mr. Mayuresh Jog of TCS
Mock Interview in .Net by Ms. Shweta Sanghvi of Morgan Stanley
Mock HR Interview by Ms. Simontika Bose & Ms.Shernaz Siganporia
Mock Interview in Java by Mr. Raghuvir Kulkarni of TCS

Guest Lectures:

Concept Visualisation by Mr. Sanjay Vyas ….
Six Thinking Hats by Mr. Sunil Chavan ….
Cloud Computing by Mr. Makarand Karkare….
Concept Visualisation by Mr. Sanjay Vyas, recipient of Microsoft "Most valuable professional" for .NET & Solution Architect.
If you met your old friend somewhere near a bazaar after a very long time, you can recognize his face but not his name. Have you ever thought why that happening to us is? Because human brain has more memory for pictures and images than the textual content like names.

Concept visualization is the process of converting a piece of information into visuals. If we can convert an information into visual, it is sure that we can remember the things easily.
Tips given to PG DAC students by Mr. Vyas
  • Always try to relate the concepts that you are studying to the real world objects.
  • Remember numbers or textual information with some related visuals.
  • Visualize the concepts while reading instead of just understanding it.
  • Try to apply visualization in simple things which will become a habit in the future.


Six Thinking Hats by by Mr. Sunil Chavan, ex-CEO of Metasys Software Pvt. Ltd.
Six Thinking Hats is a very effective tool for group discussion and individual thinking. It opens up the opportunity for creativity within Decision Making. DAC Students are encouraged to wear the six thinking hats during their project group discussions.
Cloud Computing by Mr. Makarand Karkare, B.Tech from IIT, Mumbai and currently CEO of Skyscape.
Experts believe we will ‘live mostly in the cloud’ in 2020, working mostly through cyberspace-based applications accessed through networked devices. Mr. Karkare spoke about the types of public cloud computing, various service models etc


Aptitude is the very first hurdle to cross during placements, hence we follow a very systematic approach to enhance the Aptitude of our PG DAC students.
Step 1. Aptitude Prerequisites
Basic Maths: Tables, Squares, Cubes, Prime Numbers, Divisibility Rules, HCF & LCM, Factors, etc
Step 2. Weekly Training sessions on topics such as
Speed, Rate, Work
Family Relations, Arrangement Permutation,
Combination, Probability
Profit and Loss, Percentage
Groups, Conditionalities, Numerical Logic,  Algebra
Logical Puzzles …..
Step 3. Solving Company Papers
After the basic sessions above, company papers are solved by students and then each company paper is analyzed by the Aptitude trainer to arrive at the shortest possible solutions

Soft Skills

The soft skills training imparted to our students are based on the "learning by doing" principle of adult education. Interactive sessions filled with fun activities (which not only enhance learning, but also help in longer retention), besides enlightening the students, also act as refreshers and stress busters. Simple activities which enable students to understand the importance and need of soft skills are the basis of the lectures.

Soft skills sessions include modules on Business Communications, Attitude, Goal Setting, Interview skills, Personal Hygiene and grooming all of which are conducted by way of activities and games.

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The soft skills journey and the milestones reached by our students?
"Back writing." A unique way of identifying strengths and weaknesses?
The train(ing)! in the hills of Lonavala
"Dressed to kill." The beginning of the grooming exercise.
Putting our heads together for "Thinking out of the box!"
"Learning the Art of Learning?
Confidence Building Exercise?.
Together ?We Can And We Will? reach the top.
Outdoor Team Building Exercise
Outdoor Team Building Exercise
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