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PreDAC Begins:  8 March. 2018 @ 9 am
'Build your Programming Skills'
This workshop will improve your logical reasoning through hands-on practical sessions. A strong foundation in programming is required for an intensive course such as PG-DAC.
Build your programming logic before you begin PG DAC. The main advantage in ‘C’ is that it allows you to play around with memory directly. This is very important if you need to understand how data is passed from one memory block to another. You start to visualize in your mind’s eye how data moves in your program.
This makes 'C' the most powerful programming language! and a must, if you want to be an expert .NET, Java or PHP developer.
Pre DAC Course Content
Test Series for C-CAT Preparation

Sl. No. Section B Section A
1 Expression Time & Distance
If Else & Switch  Logical Puzzle
3 Loops , Basics of C Compound & Simple Interest
4 Functions , Arrays & String Percentage, Averages
5 Structure & Union, Pointers LCM & HCF, Numbers, Profit & Loss
6 File Handling & Command Line Arguments, Preprocessor Pipes & Cisterns, Time & Work
7 Miscellaneous Questions Probability, Permutation and Combination
8 Data Communication & Networking Partnership, Ratio & Percentages
9 Operating System Concepts Problems on Age, Allegation & Mixtures
10 Data Structure Clock & Calendar
11 Object Oriented programming Problems on Mensuration
12 Comprehensive Test ( Section B) Comprehensive Test ( Section A)
13 Comprehensive Test ( Section A+B)  

Pre DAC Course Content
C programming
Data Structure

Test your C Basics

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